Lotus at Dusk Juliet balcony



The “Lotus at dusk” Juliet balcony was to be a main piece of functional art within the home, it is the balcony railing from their master bedroom overlooking the front room, with lots of glass, which then flows out in to their garden. It has a striking silhouette from inside their bedroom looking out. I incorporated a lot of smaller buds varying in size to show the development of growth of the plant. To fix the balcony to the wall I used various vines which appeared to be climbing up the wall to hold my fixings, rather than just using a simple bracket system, this giving a more overall organic feel to the piece.After this piece was complete, before fitting, it was taken to the Dorset County Show and won 2018 show champion in the blacksmith competition. This is a bespoke piece made to order. Please get in touch for details.


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