Alice in Wonderland gate

• This hand crafted piece of functional art has been appropriately named the ‘Alice in Wonderland’ gate.
• Inspired by nature with a playful twist of organic forms added from the artist.
• The gate in the photos roughly stands at a metre high, by a metre wide.



Everything in this piece has been hand forged and fabricated to the highest of standards from a 5th generation blacksmith.
The piece has been forged out of steel, with a galvanised finish to protect from the elements, it has then had an acid wash to darken the galvanise, giving a raw steel appearance. Your piece will be bespoke to your requirements, ie fixings. It will differ slightly from the piece shown as each piece is unique. The price for this piece is for a 1 metre x 1 meter gate, anything larger will adhere to added costs. Please get in touch if you have any questions.


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