Alice In Wonderland Railing

This commission was made over the course of a few months, whilst juggling some other jobs. It is a fence to keep the dog from jumping up and down over the wall, with a gate for garden access. It is a follow on piece from ‘the meadow gate’, incorporating some of the design aspects and developing new ones. The brief was to make the piece in the same style as ‘the meadow gate’, but “more Alice In Wonderland” and “Little Shop of Horrors”, incorporating some specific plants of the clients choice.

It is possibly one of the largest projects we have undertaken, and most definitely one with the most detail and intricacy, with over 500 hours start to finish.

The railing was divided up into four sections to make it possible to fit in the galvanising tank, but mostly for handling and transportation.

It is just short of 8 metres (26 feet) in length.

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